Find Out What Your Birth Month Flower Says About You

Similar to how Zodiac signs, gemstones and palmistry give us a glimpse into an individual’s characteristics and traits, certain blooms also hold special significance and symbolism based on the month in which a person was born.

To find out what your birth flower is from the list below to reveal the meaning behind it.

1. January – Carnation


Carnations come in a variety of shades with pink being the most popular. Although each of the colors has their own meanings, these bright blooms generally represent love, affection, distinction, and fascination.
Personality traits: You’re loyal, affectionate and humble. You value family and friendship and would go to great lengths to protect them and show how much you care.

2. February – Violet

Violets symbolize innocence, loyalty, wisdom, and modesty. These beautiful flowers were particularly popular in the Victorian Era when traits such as innocence and modesty were coveted.
Personality traits: You tend to be reserved at first but once you warm up to people, you’re loyal and committed. You’re deeply spiritual, have great intuition and are wise beyond your years, which is why others come to you for advice. Thanks to your innocent demeanor, only those close to you know you well.

3. March – Daffodils

Daffodils are simple flowers that bring happiness to those associated with it. An old Welsh superstition says that if you see the first daffodil bloom of the season, you will have 12 months of luck.
Personality Traits: You have a creative mind. You are artistic, organized and fantastic multitasking. You’ve got luck on your side so, with just a little hard work, you usually succeed in whatever you set out to do. You are calm, peaceful and enjoy the simple things in life.

4. April – Daisy

There’s a very good reason why many parents name their daughters after this beautiful flower. Purity and innocence are two traits symbolized by Daisies. In ancient times, these yellow-centered blooms were commonly exchanged between friends because they also signify secrecy.
Personality Traits: You’re cheerful, adventurous and there’s never a dull moment when you’re around. Your optimism is inspiring and very much appreciated by people close to you. Just like your birth flower, your heart is pure and you’re great at keeping secrets.

5. May – Lily of the Valley

April showers indeed bring these unique looking flowers whose scientific name, majlis, means “of belonging to May.” Lily of the Valley signifies sweetness, humility and return to happiness.
Personality Traits: Similar to the flower of your birth, you’re regarded as sweet by everyone around you. But unlike the poisonous nature of the Lily of the Valley, you make your friends and family feel safe and loved. You are practical, reliable and ambitious with outstanding problem-solving skills.

6. June – Rose

As most of us know, roses symbolize love and passion. However, they are available in different colors and each has its own meaning. For example, white represents chastity, while purple symbolizes love at first sight. Many do not know that roses are synonymous with confidentiality.
Personality Traits: Of course, you are a true romantic. You tend to be involved in deep, meaningful and passionate relationships. You are sophisticated and consider tradition as very important, but you can easily adjust to new situations. Just like the thorny rose, you can feel confident and strong, but when you are hurt, you struggle to hide it.

7. July – Delphinium

This flower takes its name from Delphi, the Greek word for dolphin. This is because the closed buds of the flower have the shape of a dolphin nose. Delphinium encapsulates positivity, openness, opportunities, and potential.
Personality Traits: You’re a visionary and an over-achiever. You never let new opportunities slip and do everything to achieve your goals. You are open to trying new things and making new friends. You’re charming, witty and have a great sense of humor. People feel comfortable with you and with your positivity, you never fear little things.

8. August – Gladiolus

Gladiolus got its name from the Greek word for sword. Warriors wore this flower to protect themselves from injury and death. Therefore, it is not surprising that it embodies strength, sincerity, devotion and moral integrity.
Personality Traits: You are a born leader and people have lots of respect for you. You are very intellectual, charming and driven. You are goal-oriented and do your best to succeed in everything you do.

9. September – Aster

According to Greek mythology, the star-shaped aster was created from the tears of the goddess Astraea. The September birth flower generally denotes patience and daintiness, but the purple aster represents wisdom and the king.
Personality Traits: You may not come off as emotional but you wear your heart on your sleeve. Speech is not your strength, but thanks to your patience, you are a good listener. You have a very specific way of doing things and you are always looking for perfection.

10. October – Calendula

Calendula is often referred to as Pot Marigold and gives some brightness to gloomy autumn days. The bright-hued flower is coveted for its healing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It is often used to treat a plethora of health problems. The flower symbolizes warmth, protection, and transformation.
Personality Traits: You always transmit a lot of warmth. You are friendly, peaceful and often go with the flow. You are always looking for ways to grow as a person and others often rely on you for help and advice.

11. November – Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums symbolize cheerfulness, calmness, and optimism. According to the principles of Feng Shui, these flowers bring laughter and happiness.
Personality Traits: Just like your birth flower, you’re tough on the exterior but have a gentle soul. You have trouble finding common ground for your feelings so at times you can give off intense vibes. You’re very honest and protective, which means that the safety and happiness of your loved ones are guaranteed.

12. December – Narcissus

The paper-white narcissus blooms at the most beautiful time of the year. The December birth flower represents hope, vanity, wealth and good fortune.
Personality Traits: You have confidence in yourself and have strong willpower. People appreciate you and you can have a lot of influence. You let logic instead of emotion guide your actions and must be lucky on your side.