10 Reasons Why Japanese Women Don't Get Fat and Look Young

Ever wondered why people in Japan manage to stay slim and are typically thinner than us? Well, the secret is that Japanese food culture plays an important role in how people age and stay slim.

We need to mention the Japanese expression of gratitude accompanying meals which can keep us vibrant and youthful. What I’m trying to say is that lifestyle and diet play a big part.
10 Reasons Japanese Women Stay Slim and Don’t Look Old
1. Fermented Foods
Fermented foods such as kimchi, kefir, kombucha, miso, tempeh, and sauerkraut are common issue in the Japanese diet. Fermentation is a process that preserves the natural nutrients in food.
In fact, it creates enzymes, B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and numerous strains of probiotics. In this process, natural bacteria create lactic acid and feed on the sugar and starch in the food.
Fermentation aids digestion by promoting friendly intestinal bacteria and breaking down food to a more digestive form, which in turn helps with weight loss.
Moreover, it eliminates heavy metals and other harmful toxins from cell tissue. According to a 2014 study, there is a link between the growth of beneficial intestinal microbes and fermented dairy products.

2. Seafood
Japanese people prefer to eat seafood which is not the case with the Americans who would rather eat red meat, which is related to various health problems including high cholesterol, obesity, and inflammatory diseases.
The most common meals in Japan are the noodles, rice, and different types of seafood. Fish and shellfish such as salmon, tuna, shrimp, and mackerel are also extremely popular in this cuisine.
Fish contains high-quality proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and many essential nutrients which are very beneficial for your brain, heart, and other body organs.
Omega-3 fatty acids are especially beneficial for reducing body fat such as abdominal fat. Moreover, seafood can reduce inflammation in the body and it is very beneficial for the nervous system.
Omega-3 fatty acids can also treat various skin disorders including psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne, melanoma, and non-melanoma skin cancer.
3. Eating Smaller Portions
Eating small portions is a significant part of Japan’s culture. Smaller portion can help you lose weight since they make you eat less. Portions may look larger on small plates, which can also make you eat less, thus preventing high-calorie intake and unintentional overeating.
These are the basic foundations of home-cooked food presentation in Japan:
  • Fresh is best
  • Don’t serve a big portion of any food
  • Don’t completely fill up the plates
In order to showcase its natural beauty, foods should be garnished and each ingredient should be arranged in a proper way.
4. Healthy Desserts
Avoiding sweets and desserts is the main reason why Japanese women stay slim. Instead of eating sugar-laden desserts, people in Japan prefer eating fresh fruit at the end of their meal.
Sugar is known as the main cause of obesity in the American population. Moreover, Japanese sweets contain less caramel, refined flours and other ingredients commonly used in the United States.
These Japanese sweets are usually made from healthy ingredients such as fresh fruits, sweet potatoes, and buckwheat flour.
5. Daily Walking
People in Japan walk a lot. Walking is an excellent way to remain fit and slim. It can also improve cardiovascular health, relieve stress, and boost energy and mood. Many people in Japan commute by train and subways since the Japan’s population is heavily concentrated in cities.
In other words, they need to bicycle or walk to the station and back. Besides walking, use of bicycles is also very common. This is another excellent form of exercise.
6. No “Fast Food”
In Japan, it is considered impolite even though acceptable to eat while you are on the go since meal times are sacred periods of energizing your body. This is the main reason why there are no people who eat on the street.
People in Japan do not do anything while eating. In addition, they tend to eat slower, so their stomach will have enough time to process food and signal the brain that it is full.
This is not the case with the speedy binge eating of Americans, which usually results in overeating because it is already late by the time your stomach signals your brain it is full.
7. Cooking Methods
Japanese cuisine is known for using healthy ingredients and healthy cooking methods. To avoid the use of excess oil, people in Japan use raw, simmered, and grilled techniques which aid in preserving the taste and nutrients of the ingredients.
Deep frying food is not very common in Japan. When they cook fried food they are usually served with other dishes so they will maintain the health balance of the meal.
8. Martial Arts
There are many types of martial arts in Japan. Actually, martial arts styles of judo, aikido, and karate can significantly improve the fitness level as well as overall health.
These martial arts can improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance, improve muscle flexibility, and help build muscle strength. Moreover, they can slow the aging process and aid weight loss.
According to a 2013 study, martial art exercise can improve body composition and reduce inflammation in obese premenopausal women.
9. Hot Spring Baths
A hot spring bath can prolong life. This type of bath is a common practice in Japan. It is also known as ‘onsen’. Hot springs possess healing powers and are very beneficial for health because of the water temperature as well as the high mineral content such as calcium, magnesium, niacin, and silica.
Your skin will soak in these minerals and your hydrostatic pressure increases, leading to better blood circulation and oxygen flow. This is very beneficial for your heart and other vital organs.
Moreover, a hot spring bath will relieve stress and promote better sleep, thus improving your skin’s health. Having a hot spring bath two times a month helps Japanese women to stay slim and look young.
10. Green Tea
People in Japan regularly drink green tea. The powdered green tea is made from high-quality leaves which are dried and made into a powder. This powder is mixed with hot water.
Green tea is one of the most beneficial teas. It is a great source of antioxidants that can fight free radicals and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.
A 2006 study showed that people who regularly consumed green tea had a lower risk of death caused by cardiovascular disease. According to the study, people who drank 5 cups of green tea on a daily basis had 26% lower mortality rates.

Select One Feather You Like and I’ll Tell You A Secret About Your Personality. Will surprise you!

Have you ever stopped thinking about how boring the world would be if we all were the same? Fortunately, the only thing we share is that we are all different, each one develops one’s personality different from the others, and even if you can get similarities, two people will never be quite equal.
Different types of personalities have been identified and categorized under different parameters, and some psychological researches have also done so, based on the theory of color and shapes.
For this reason, a simple test has been developed to determine what type of personality is yours, you just have to choose one of the five feathers that appear in the image and this will tell you how you are.
Look closely at the five feathers, carefully observe their colors and shapes, what attracts your attention more? If you’re already sure you’ve chosen your favorite, then you’re ready to read the result that may reveal some secrets that affect your personality.
Feather 1
Peace and harmony take hold of what surrounds you, you like peaceful and peaceful people because you define yourself so. You are a noble soul who loves to help others, never say no when it comes to helping out. It’s not difficult for you to relate to others, but you prefer to do it with people who share your tastes and have similar interests to yours. Someone may think you’re a weak person, but the reality is you know how to be kind to everyone. You have many friends because of your ability to be solid and friendly.
Feather 2
It fits you very easily and learns quickly. You are a perfectionist and try to always give you the best of you, but you expect the same from others.
You are very clever and tenacious. Even though you can enjoy the moments you spend with your friends, they tend to isolate you because you like spending time with yourself to get to know you better, that’s not bad. However, try to tell people around you how important they are to you, as they often let you believe that your detachment is because of them, even if you do it unconsciously.
Feather 3
You are independent. Always pursue your goals and dreams, which is the risk and you are adventurous. If it falls you get up easily, do not mind failures because you are aware that they are experiences that make you bigger, stronger, and wise. The only thing you should pay attention to is the choice of your friendships. You know how to be kind to everyone and for this, you have all the skills to be a great leader.
Feather 4
Your strong character is what distinguishes you. You have a lot of imagination and you have the skills to deal with your problems. You are always looking for the best solution. I do not always like everyone because your character makes you think that you are overpowered and authoritarian, but once you have the chance to get to know you better understand that is not the case.
Thanks to your strong and impressive personality, others easily notice your presence. You’re not easy to fool, you always have good arguments.
You require a lot of yourself and love perfection, you just have to remember that you can not always exist and for this reason, you should enjoy more than every moment, every mistake and every experience. Relax, it’s just life.
Feather 5
You are an artist with impressive creativity and imagination. However, sometimes you do not have confidence in your skills and this does not allow you to grow. Things so many failures that you do not realize that it’s just this fear of getting rid of you. You have a special feeling for detail. You are a perfectionist and try to always give you the best of yourself and expect the same from others.

Science Study Confirms That Humans Can Absorb Energy From Others

A biological research team at Bielefeld University has made a groundbreaking discovery showing that plants can draw an alternative source of energy from other plants. This finding could also have a major impact on the future of bioenergy eventually providing the evidence to show that people draw energy from others in much the same way.
Members of Professor Dr. Olaf Kruse’s biological research team have confirmed for the first time that a plant, the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, not only engages in photosynthesis, but also has an alternative source of energy: it can draw it from other plants. The research findings were released this week in the online journal Nature Communications published by the renowned journal Nature.
Flowers need water and light to grow and people are no different. Our physical bodies are like sponges, soaking up the environment. “This is exactly why there are certain people who feel uncomfortable in specific group settings where there is a mix of energy and emotions,” said psychologist and energy healer Dr. Olivia Bader-Lee.
Plants engage in the photosynthesis of carbon dioxide, water, and light. In a series of experiments, Professor Dr. Olaf Kruse and his team cultivated the microscopically small green alga species Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and observed that when faced with a shortage of energy, these single-cell plants can draw energy from neighboring vegetable cellulose instead. The alga secretes enzymes (so-called cellulose enzymes) that ‘digest’ the cellulose, breaking it down into smaller sugar components. These are then transported into the cells and transformed into a source of energy: the alga can continue to grow. ‘This is the first time that such a behavior has been confirmed in a vegetable organism’, says Professor Kruse. ‘That algae can digest cellulose contradicts every previous textbook. To a certain extent, what we are seeing is plants eating plants’. Currently, the scientists are studying whether this mechanism can also be found in other types of alga. Preliminary findings indicate that this is the case.

“When energy studies become more advanced in the coming years, we will eventually see this translated to human beings as well,” stated Bader-Lee. “The human organism is very much like a plant, it draws needed energy to feed emotional states and this can essentially energize cells or cause increases in cortisol and catabolize cells depending on the emotional trigger.”
Bader-Lee suggests that the field of bio-energy is now ever evolving and that studies on the plant and animal world will soon translate and demonstrate what energy meta-physicians have known all along — that humans can heal each other simply through energy transfer just as plants do. “Human can absorb and heal through other humans, animals, and any part of nature. That’s why being around nature is often uplifting and energizing for so many people,” she concluded.

1. Know Your Spiritual Self
If you believe that you are centered with your spiritual self, you will be able to pick what energy has entered your space and quickly transition out of it.
2. Show No Resistance
Every time you would try to push something out, it will feel like coming towards you more. Every action has an equal or opposite reaction.
Cleansing must not be considered as resisting. One must ensure that you are not straining over negative energies and not trying to ignore them. They will remain in your sub-conscience. Be pure and translucent, as to whenever something comes towards you, pass right by.
3. Be The Owner of Your Space
We all have this space but do you own it? Surrounding your body is the space that creates a vacuum to intake energies from the outside. If you do not control and own this space, you will have negativity exploding this space – resulting in a mental breakdown, despair and depression.
4. Energy Cleanse Yourself
Gold is known to have an energy clearing formula within its color. High vibrations can take the energy away and cleanse it. At the time when you hold onto a gold knob, feel the vibrations entering your system and clarify your space.
5. Bring Back Your Energy
If you fill up a cabinet with your own utensils in the kitchen, your roommate will have no space to keep theirs. This is how your space works with energy too. If your energy is cleansed and you are fully aware of it, it will have little space for energy to enter from the outside.
Energy, actions, conversations and presence of others can reflect on your energy and rather than absorbing it, prevent it by cleansing yourself.

A Heart Touching Story (Dedicated To Someone Special)

He met her at a party. She was so outstanding, many guys chasing after her, while he was so normal, nobody paid attention to him.
At the end of the party, he invited her to have coffee with him, she was surprised but being polite, she promised. They sat in a nice coffee shop, he was too nervous to say anything, she felt uncomfortable, and she thought to herself, “Please, let me go home…”

Suddenly he asked the waiter, “Would you please give me some salt? I’d like to put it in my coffee.” Everybody stared at him, so strange! His face turned red but still, he put the salt in his coffee and drank it. She asked him curiously, “Why you have this hobby?” He replied, “When I was a little boy, I lived near the sea, I liked playing in the sea, I could feel the taste of the sea, just like the taste of the salty coffee. Now every time I have the salty coffee, I always think of my childhood, think of my hometown, I miss my hometown so much, I miss my parents who are still living there.” While saying that tears filled his eyes. She was deeply touched. That’s his true feeling, from the bottom of his heart. A man who can tell out his homesickness, he must be a man who loves home, cares about home, has responsibility of home… Then she also started to speak, spoke about her faraway hometown, her childhood, her family.

That was a really nice talk, also a beautiful beginning of their story. They continued to date. She found that actually he was a man who meets all her demands; he had tolerance, was kind hearted, warm, careful. He was such a good person but she almost missed him! Thanks to his salty coffee! Then the story was just like every beautiful love story, the princess married to the prince, and then they were living the happy life… And, every time she made coffee for him, she put some salt in the coffee, as she knew that’s the way he liked it.

After 40 years, he passed away, left her a letter which said, “My dearest, please forgive me, forgive my whole life’s lie. This was the only lie I said to you—the salty coffee. Remember the first time we dated? I was so nervous at that time, actually I wanted some sugar, but I said salt. It was hard for me to change so I just went ahead. I never thought that could be the start of our communication! I tried to tell you the truth many times in my life, but I was too afraid to do that, as I have promised not to lie to you for anything… Now I’m dying, I afraid of nothing so I tell you the truth, I don’t like the salty coffee, what a strange bad taste… But I have had the salty coffee for my whole life! Since I knew you, I never feel sorry for anything I do for you. Having you with me is my biggest happiness for my whole life. If I can live for the second time, still want to know you and have you for my whole life, even though I have to drink the salty coffee again.”

Her tears made the letter totally wet. Someday, someone asked her, “What’s the taste of salty coffee?” She replied, “It’s sweet.”
Pass this to everyone because love is not to forget but to forgive, not to see but understand, not to hear but to listen, not to let go but HOLD ON!

source: mesmerizingwords.com 

Buddha Said We All Have Four Wives or Husbands. This Is Why!

So What Can We Learn from Them?

Gautama Buddha said that each person has four wives or husbands in their lives.
To understand what he meant, you should first read the short story of ‘A Man and His Four Wives.’
“Once there was a man who had four wives. According to the social system and circumstances of ancient India, it was possible for a man to have several wives.
The Indian had become ill and was about to die. At the end of his life, he felt very lonely and so asked the first wife to accompany him to the other world.
‘My dear wife,’ he said, ‘I loved you day and night, I took care of you throughout my whole life. Now I am about to die, will you please go with me wherever I go after my death?’
He expected her to answer yes. But she answered, ‘My dear husband, I know you always loved me. And you are going to die. Now it is time to separate from you. Goodbye, my dear.’
He called his second wife to his sickbed and begged her to follow him in death. He said, ‘My dear second wife, you know how I loved you. Sometimes I was afraid you might leave me, but I held onto you strongly. My dear, please come with me.’

Buddha tells his students a story of a man with four wives…
The second wife expressed herself rather coldly. ‘Dear husband, your first wife refused to accompany you after your death. How can I follow you? You loved me only for your own selfish sake.’
Lying in his deathbed, he called his third wife, and asked her to follow him. The third wife replied, with tears in her eyes, ‘My dear, I pity you and I feel sad for myself. Therefore I shall accompany you to the graveyard. This is my last duty to you.’ The third wife thus also refused to follow him to death.
Three wives had refused to follow him after his death. Now he recalled that there was another wife, his fourth wife, for whom he didn’t care very much.
He had treated her like a slave and had always showed much displeasure with her. He now thought that if he asked her to follow him to death, she certainly would say no.
But his loneliness and fear were so severe that he made the effort to ask her to accompany him to the other world. The fourth wife gladly accepted her husband’s request.
‘My dear husband,’ she said, ‘I will go with you. Whatever happens, I am determined to be with you forever. I cannot be separated from you.”
The dying man tried to convince one of his wives to accompany him to the afterlife.
The meaning of the story is what only the wisest of people can see. Once you understand its meaning, you’ll see the integrated wisdom inside.
This is how Buddha concluded the story:
‘Every man and woman has four wives or husbands. What do these wives signify?’

The First Wife or Husband

The first ‘wife’ is our body. We love our body day and night. In the morning, we wash our face, put on clothing and shoes. We give food to our body. We take care of our body, like the first wife in this story. But unfortunately, at the end of our life, the body, the first ‘wife’ cannot follow us to the next world. As it is stated in a commentary, ‘When the last breath leaves our body, the healthy color of the face is transformed, and we lose the appearance of radiant life. Our loved ones may gather around and lament but to no avail. When such an event occurs, the body is sent into an open field and cremated, leaving only the white ashes.’ This is the destination of our body.
 As it is stated in a commentary, ‘When the last breath leaves our body, the healthy color of the face is transformed, and we lose the appearance of radiant life. Our loved ones may gather around and lament but to no avail. When such an event occurs, the body is sent into an open field and cremated, leaving only the white ashes.’ This is the destination of our body.

The Second Wife or Husband

What is the meaning of the second wife? The second ‘wife’ stands for our fortune, our material things, money, property, fame, position, and the job that we worked hard to attain. We are attached to these material possessions. We are afraid to lose these material things and wish to possess much more. There is no limit. At the end of our life, these things cannot follow us to death. Whatever fortune we have piled up, we must leave it.
We came into this world with empty hands, and so to at death our hands are empty.
We came into this world with empty hands. During our life in this world, we have the illusion that we obtained a fortune. At death, our hands are empty. We can’t hold our fortune after our death, just as the second wife told her husband: ‘You hold me with your ego-centered selfishness. Now it is time to say goodbye.’

The Third Wife or Husband

What is meant by the third wife? Everyone has a third ‘wife’ or ‘husband’. This is the relationship of our parents, sister and brother, all relatives, friends, and society. They will go as far as the graveyard, with tears in their eyes. They are sympathetic and saddened…
Thus, we cannot depend on our physical body, our fortune, and our society. We are born alone and we die alone. No one will accompany us after our death.

The Fourth Wife or Husband

Sakyamuni Buddha mentioned the fourth wife, who would accompany her husband after his death. What does that mean? The fourth ‘wife’ is our mind [or Alaya consciousness]. When we deeply observe and recognize that our minds are filled with anger, greed, and dissatisfaction, we are having a good look at our lives. The anger, greed, and dissatisfaction are karma, the law of causation. We cannot be separated from our own karma. As the fourth wife told her dying husband, ‘I will follow you wherever you go.’

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