5 Signs You’ve Walked This Earth Before and Are Reincarnated (#2 Will Surprise You)

To put it simply, reincarnation (rebirth) is the belief that energy is not destroyed upon death. It just moves onto another life form. Our souls do not leave this Earth, but seek out a new host.

This belief is around three thousand years old. It is most popular in India, Thailand, Japan, and China. One belief that comes with reincarnation is that each of us have lived many lives before this one, and that we have the ability to remember them.
If you think you have been reincarnated, or are simply curious, then I encourage you to read through these five signs.


Everyone has dreams, but if yours are more powerful than others then it may just be a memory. It is easier for our memories of past lives to reveal themselves in our dreams. Any reoccurring dream that you have is probably a memory in disguise.


Déjà vu is an extremely popular phenomenon. There are several explanations for this that range from a neurological dissonance, to proof of overlapping parallel universes. It is also possible that déjà vu is us experiencing a memory from one of our past lives.


A lot of people suffer from irrational phobias, fears that seem to exist for no apparent reason. Some people believe that memories from past lives stick with us through fear. If you were killed by a snake in a past life, it is possible that you will suffer from an irrational fear of snakes in this life.


There are cases of young kids having bizarre memories that the family swears did not happen. Sometimes these memories turn out to be insanely accurate. Maybe a little boy has a memory of being murdered, and this memory leads investigators right to the body of a man murdered years ago? That is all the proof of reincarnation that I need. If you have memories that do not seem to be real, then they may actually be from a completely different life.


Intuition is the ability to “tap” into an innate knowledge. It is believed that the more mature our souls become, the easier it is for us to draw upon this universal knowledge. If you have strong intuition, it is likely that your soul is becoming mature, which means that you have lived through several lives.
There are countless signs that point to reincarnation, but experiencing more than one of these five things is a strong indicator that you once walked this planet as a different person in a completely different life. Whatever your beliefs about life, death, and the afterlife happen to be, it is difficult to argue a scientific reason for any of these.
Number four is especially hard to disprove as anything but stone cold evidence that reincarnation is real. Whether you believe or not, I hope this list was able to offer more insight.

If You Have Any of These 8 Traits You Belong To The World’s Rarest Personality Type

INFJ personality is a very rare kind of personality type and only two percent of the world population has this special personality.  Have you ever felt that you are different from your peers? Do you ever wonder what some people possess which makes them so rich? It is the kind of personality and mindset a person has which makes him or break him.
If you are an INFJ personality, you are bound to reach the heights of success just like many others like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Beethoven, and many others. People with this unique personality are called as “The Advocate”. INFJ stands for Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging.
You love writing!
INFJ have a very strong affinity to write and like to let out their feelings in the form of writing. They are very introvert and don’t like to interact much with people, so they let out their emotions in writing. Writing brings them peace and comfort. You don’t like to mix with a lot of people and become lonely sometimes. But you like to stay away from people and like the feeling of privacy. You don’t like to interact with large groups of people and want to keep your group of interaction as limited.
You are an Empath!
Empathy is the ability to connect to people easily, feel their emotions and understand through their energies. You have high empathy and you are the person everyone seeks when in a problem. You are always the person which gives the best advice in problems and provides emotion support to all your near and dear ones.  You empathy also helps you to read people very easily. Since, you can feel the energy of a person, you know whether the person is lying or telling the truth. Even if words say otherwise, the energy of an individual always speaks the truth. You are not easily deceived and able to judge a person by his energy.
Contradictory in Nature
You contradict yourself and your mood changes very quickly. One minute you are happy and the next minute you are crying with tears falling down your cheeks. Since you are so unpredictable; people find it hard to keep track of your mood. These mood swings are one of the traits of INFJ personality.
You Make Strong Connections!
Your pattern recognizing ability is very strong and you are able to join dots easily and turn out right. You are able to detect hidden meaning and code language. You can strong connections and feel that everything happens for a reason. INFJ’s have vision and believe in giving their best. All or nothing is their motto.
You are Hardworking!
You believe that to achieve something, hard work is the first step. You are always eager to work for your goal and are not frightened of challenges. You have a strong ambition to achieve which triggers you to put your best efforts. You always find a way to make it work. You are future conscious and have the vision to achieve.
You are Intuitive!
You have a strong intuition and trust your gut feeling completely. You believe that someone bigger than you is guiding you to make the right decisions and immediately knows if something is off. If your instincts are telling you not to go further for a work, you don’t and it always proves to be the right decision.
You are Judgmental!
You tend to be judgmental and often hurt people with your bluntness and straightforwardness. You judge people very easily based on their opinions.
You seek the Truth!
You have a strong spiritual connection and seek the truth of the universe. You believe that everything is cosmically connected to each other. You try to find the deeper hidden meaning behind the patterns of the universe. You are very curious by nature and your personality propels you to learn.
INFJ’s are shy, instinctive, empathetic and critical in their thinking. They like to stay to themselves and have an insatiable ambition to achieve. They are very diligent works which make them achieve their goals faster than anyone else. If you are an INFJ, you are one in a million and bound to achieve great success in life.

10 Signs The Universe Sends When You`re On The Wrong Path

Most people believe that things happen to them accidentally, but as we get in touch with our intuition we are shown that everything is result of our own actions.
While we are rarely aware of the influence of our actions, the universe sends various signs to let us know whether we are or not doing things the right way.  This article focuses on the signs the universe sends to let us know when we are on the wrong path.
These signs generally happen in the form of unwanted events and circumstances and indicate that your energy is circulating within a low vibrational frequency. Hence, your emotions and thoughts become negative and lead to unwanted circumstances.  On the flip side, when your emotions and thoughts are circulating at higher vibrational frequency, your mood improves and you feel great all day long.   Even though we are capable of resonating at high vibrational frequency, it is quite difficult to stay elevated at all times.
Consequently, we are likely to encounter unwanted circumstance once in a while, but this is completely fine and normal.  As long as we pay attention to warning signs below, we can get back on  the right track in no time.

Warning Signs From the Universe

  1. Unexpected expenses or bills in the mail
  2. Uneasy gut feelings
  3. Losing or breaking your possessions
  4. Unpleasant odors, sounds or tastes
  5. Arguments with your loved ones
  6. Strong desires to shift your life
  7. Getting injured
  8. Headaches
  9. Getting unexpectedly sick
  10. Receiving dirty look from others
Each of the signs above indicates that you need to stop for a second and adjust your frequency.  Once you encounter any of them, stop right away! Cease the task you are currently working on, terminate that conversation, or stop obsessing over trivial thoughts.  Take a minute to mediate, respond properly right away, and get yourself away from the negative momentum.
Ultimately, it is worth noting that you shouldn’t obsess over a warning sign.   Thinking about it all the time, talking about it, and replaying it over and over again only increases the chance of lowering your vibrational frequency.  Take it for a simple sign and move on!
Note: Heed your vibration and give attention only to the feelings and thoughts that resonate with your natural frequency.  Think positive!

Choose One Of These Mandalas And Discover It’s Message For You

Mandala is a spiritual symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism which represents the universe. These days, mandalas have become the common term for any chart, geometric pattern, or diagram that represents the cosmos. Interestingly enough, mandalas happen to tell a lot about person`s personality too. Pick one of the 6 images below to see what it has to say about your personality traits!

1. Generosity and morality

You have high standards and ambitions, striving for the better all the time.  While most people have a difficult time getting along with you, it is even more difficult for you do deal with yourself. You are hard-working, but this rarely pays off for you. You are working hard for the greater good and your goal is to make the world a better place.  Unfortunately, only few people appreciate the things you do.

2. Fascination and truthfulness

You simply enjoy taking care of others. Being highly responsible, you take responsibility and honest work seriously.  You are a good person who inspires others and whose character shines bright.

3. The mind and consideration

Your thoughts and ideas are brilliant and you are a great mind. However, you are introvert who likes to spend time alone, thinking about your theories and beliefs. You get pretty well with people who are eager to learn. Most importantly, you are always trying to the best thing, even when most people don’t agree with you.

4. Shrewdness and philosophy

You are truly one of a kind and no one can compare to you. While you may seem strange, you are highly intuitive and creative. The only problem is that you are emotional and often hurt by people who don’t understand you. You see things clearly, both the good and bad sides of life.

5. The confidence and command

You stick to the saying “do it yourself”, so you are highly independent.  You trust yourself only and know how to keep your own strength of spirit. You are fully aware of the things you want from life and you are ready to do anything to get it.  Honest is the only you thing you ask from others.

6. Nobility and sensitivity

You have a large circle of friends as you are great at social bonding and building healthy relationships with others.  You have a bright aura and people feel good in your presence. You are noble and sensitive person who constantly thinks about ways to improve yourself.

What makes Happy each Zodiac Sign

What’s the meaning of life? We can search our entire lifetime for this answer. Yet only few claim that they have truly found it. But is this answer the same for everyone? Surely we can try anything we want to see if it truly makes us happy. But I believe that the answer is always personalised. What makes me happy may drive others nuts!

What makes you happy?

If you already know the answer then its clearly useless to read further. However, the list here may surprise you and give you further instructions on how to achieve a constant blissful state. Isn’t this what we truly want?

Zodiac Signs and what makes them Happy

Happiness and bliss is in our DNA. It is also written in our astral bodies – aura in a code similar to our genetic code. This information is coded uniquely in each human being. Hence, although we humans may follow trends we all have this specific something which raises our vibrations.
Reading and deciphering the hidden messages coded in our Natal Astrological Chart, can give us many details on what we truly want / need to become shiny and blissful.

Aries: Excitement

Getting excited is what powers up Aries vibrations. Try Giving them every now and then, little challenges you keep them alert. Aries is born from fire – a child of Ares (Mars) god and planet of war and fights.
They need to conquer, like all the time. But most importantly they get happier when they truly manage to conquer their fears. This is their truest enemies. What’s keeps them enslaved from driving their bikes in nature breathing the air of freedom.
If you are Aries and you want to become happier, engage in activities that give you some sort of excitement. Moreover find ways to conquer your fears – little by little. Do not become reckless. Fear management should always be safe!

Taurus: Stability

A word which means the world to them. But what is truly stability? Even most of them don’t really know. One thing is certain though. They avoid and despise change – no matter if their hearts are truly burning for change.
They like to be the ones who like stability. Weird huh? In fact what they want is some kind of reassurance. Most likely, they become happy when they find a soulmate they can trust and devote themselves to him/her.
Trust is very important to them. Although they are very strong people, when they meet their special someone, they become vulnerable and invincible at the same time. Vulnerable from their partner yet invincible from all external threats. To become happy all they need is love. On the other hand, isn’t what we are all looking for?

Gemini: Freedom

Feeling free is what Gemini really wants even since a little child. We see them trying to become independent from everyone and everything. But what they discover later in their lives is that all they want to do is to breathe the air of freedom from their darkest fears. This is what they want to become happy.
You cannot tame air and you cannot tame a Gemini. The only think that can truly enslave them is their fears and dark thoughts. This is what a Gemini truly needs to feel free from. This is why if we truly love a Gemini we need to show him/her that we trust him/her.
If a Gemini finds a way to “solve” issues that keep him/her emotionally trapped then they become truly amazing partners and friends. All they need to do is discover a way to manage their dark thoughts.

Cancer: Continuity

These are the signs of heritage and emotional security. Being a Cancer is like windsurfing on a vast ocean. It has its ups and downs. More importantly it has depth, like their emotions. A true Cancer needs to feel emotionally secure. How is this able to happen?
First of all it’s very important to make a safe space for Cancer for any possible parts of their lives. Whether this is career or finances or personal relationships, a Cancer is happy when continuity is guaranteed. They despise failures. Once they feel there is a fruitful future, they give their best.
Do you want your Cancer to be more productive and happy? Make sure that s/he has potential to grow further. If you are a Cancer, what you need to do is invest in your future by making safe choices. Although, luck is almost always by your side, it’s that kind of luck that grows with you. Stay focused.

Leo: Self-Confidence

There is nothing sexier than looking at a lion/lioness walking in a bar full of confidence. And there is a very good reason. When they feel confident they radiate happiness and light which can uplift everyone around.
They are the children of Sun and Light. Once they embrace their weakest parts of their soul they are truly invincible. How can they achieve it? First of all they have to make peace with the fact that they can never be perfect. Next, they need to feel unique for what they truly are.
Each one of us is different and that’s good. Feeling unique is a liberating emotion. As a Leo, you have to understand that all your pros and cons just add to your amazing profile. Embrace what you are and start walking proudly once again. Now that you have won the battle against your doubts you can slowly work on these flaws.

Virgo: Admiration

These are the alchemists of the Zodiac, the ones who are sent to work hard to make this world a better place. All a Virgo needs is to hear something like “Thank you” or “I admire what you do.”. This truly makes them happy. Why?
Because a true Virgo always criticizes the whole world and most importantly they judge themselves – harder than everyone. This happens because they truly believe that there is always room for growth and development. They cannot easily rest because they feel there is always something to do.
Although that’s true, they will rest once they hear a warm “thank you” from the ones they’ve helped. They can work really hard, and all they want is the ethical support of people around them. This is what gives them the self-confidence they need to stop judging themselves and start working to become better in every-way!

Libra: Beauty

As true children of Aphrodite-Venus all they need is beauty. They live and thirst for beauty, love and affection. Beauty though, is all about harmony and balance. A true Libra thirsts for all these qualities.
All Libra want is to live in harmony with people and nature around them. Learning to express their beauty through art or all kinds of crafts is truly essential. Even since childhood, all Libras need to find a peaceful place with no dramas for self-expression.
So are you a Libra? Find an art that you feel more happy with and start practising. Sing, dance, paint, write … express yourself. That’s what will make you truly happy. Finding a way to create beauty!

Scorpio: Power

Due to the fact that Scorpio is ruled by Ares – Mars (the planet of War and fights) along with Pluto – Hades (planet of Power and transformation) all who are born this influence have lifelong issues with power. Let me explain.
Scorpio is a true survivor. They can handle almost anything. Since young boys and girls they look for this thing that will give them enough power. Strength is taken through sexual experiences, money, magic or any other means.
As they evolve they understand that true power always comes from within. This is why it’s considered the wisest of the Zodiac. They ultimately find that they only need to depend on themselves, the true source of power. Once they feel confident about themselves, they are truly happy.

Sagittarius: Hope

Their true power comes from Jupiter, the planet of opportunities, growth and expansion. There is no room for pettiness or narrow-mindedness. A true Sagittarius is always aiming higher and higher. Their guide is hope.
No Sagittarius can be happy if optimism is lost. This is why they need to find people around them who nurture their dreams yet also gently ground them once in a while only to avoid failure and disappointments.
Their wise nature will ultimately find a way to achieve their lifelong dreams and make them true, but they still need hope and good vibes to become happy. That’s how they will enter a state of constant bliss.

Capricorn: (self-)Respect

Capricorn may have developed over the years a strong – thick exterior to avoid getting hurt. Why is that? Because most of them constantly doubt themselves and almost everything they do.
It comes so natural to them because they’ve begun doing it since childhood. They need to become better in everything. Better in studies, better in career, relationships, sex, family… everywhere. They are true perfectionists and they don’t realise who perfect they already are.
All a Capricorn needs is to see respect in the eyes of the people which surround them. This is when they will learn to develop their self-respect. Once they embrace and respect their souls they become truly happy and capable for nearly anything.

Aquarius: Uniqueness

Although since childhood they learn to blend in social circles and successfully mix it up, they always need to reserve their true identity – they uniqueness. Why? Cause this is what makes them independent from anyone else.
Being different than anyone else is something they are afraid yet always long for. An Aquarius is happy when these little things that make us unique are completely and totally embraced. Everyone has dark parts in their personality.
We win when we manage to embrace all parts of ourselves and calm our spirit. Time is endless. Hence, we can always go back and work with our flaws. But hiding from our own selves never solves anything. Embrace your uniqueness.

Pisces: Warm Feelings

They are ruled by Neptune – Poseidon, god and planet of the oceans. What lies beneath the sea no one can really tell. Treasures, lost civilisations and hideous monsters. The same applies with the emotions of Pisces.
They constantly receive stimuli from their vast oceans of feelings.  Mostly unable to identify the source of these stimuli they keep trying to find a way to balance what happens in their heart. Sometimes they are lost. When they give up, they travel to other worlds in order to find their peace of mind. But that’s just a defence mechanism.
What Pisces really want is to have people around them who make them feel secure and loved. When they feel the warmth of love in their hearts melting the ice of fears then they can be really happy. Love is the answer.