Who Is The Most Stupid Here? Each of Your Choice Will Reveal A Part Of Your Personality.

A debate have begun by this simple picture this week, since the photo began spreading across the Internet. Some readers argued that the one in the photo, whose action intends to harm himself, it is the most stupid, but everyone has a different opinion.
Look at the picture and tell us which of the four is the most stupid? Every one of your choices can reveal a part of your personality.

If you selected the #1

You’re a someone who often gives up. You believe that you can’t influence others, so you go with the flow.
You are a quiet and peaceful person, because arguments and quarrels make you worry.
You are a very good and trustworthy person.

If you selected the #2

You are the type of person who takes decisions fast and don’t take time to think about the pros and cons, so you make mistakes that could be easily avoided.
You are a stubborn person.

If you selected the #3

You act impulsive and will do everything it takes to reach the end. You fight for your rights until the last moment without giving up.
You are the type of person with a strategic way of thinking and this could be proved helpful in the business area.

If you selected the #4

You are a rebel spirit! You are the type of person, who would fight even against yourself, so you prove a point.
However, these actions doesn’t make you think logically. You are born a rebel.

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