Ranking Of Zodiac Signs By Who Is The Hardest To Love

We would like to present to you this ranking of zodiac signs by who is the most difficult to love. Sit back, relax, and find out how hard it is to love each of the zodiac signs.
1. Virgo
Virgos are possibly the most independent among the zodiac signs. They also approach most relationships from a very logical and almost managerial position. Even if it’s not intended, Virgos inevitably keep most people at arm’s length until they’re sure they can trust them. Therefore, they’re not the easiest people to love. In order for a Virgo to love someone, they have to put down their guards and open up, which isn’t natural to them. Once they do, they’re remarkable partners, but it can certainly take some phase for them to get there.
2. Scorpio
Scorpios are known for not knowing what they want. They alter between hot and cold like crazy, which makes them really hard to read and consequently, be with emotionally. A Scorpio can be an extremely draining partner to be with which is why they often find themselves in and out of relationships. Honestly, until a Scorpio develops emotionally, they’re basically not ready for a real relationship.
3. Sagittarius
There are no signs more inconsistent, spontaneous, and all over the place than a Sagittarius. In some means, this makes them very exhilarating partners and whoever they’re with will never be fed up. But on the other side, this makes them nearly difficult to get to settle down. They’re continually pursuing the next thing, the next venture and the next adrenaline rush. They’re awful at being still, at just present and that’s not very favorable to relationships. A Sagittarius will only feel satisfied when they find someone who doesn’t just hunt them, but runs right together with them.
4. Aquarius
Aquarians are certainly aloof and private people. They aren’t inclined to opening up and allowing people in is unquestionably not in their nature. It can be really hard to read an Aquarius which keeps a space between them and most people. An Aquarius needs someone who they can really have faith in and feel comfortable in being vulnerable around for them to go all in and fall in love.
5. Capricorn
Capricorns are the image of practicality, competence, and hard work. While this makes them extremely dependable and a star employee or co-worker, it can also mean that they approach each and every relationship similar to a business transaction. No partner wishes to feel like they’re being looked at and being weighed on a pros and cons list. A Capricorn has to learn to trust their heart as much as their head in order to find real and lasting love.
6. Gemini
A Gemini has the reputation for being hesitant and excessively emotional. While to a certain degree this is true and can make cooperating with them exhausting, it also means that they love with all of their hearts and give all of their faith in what they feel. When a Gemini loves, they give all and they hold absolutely nothing back. But that level of susceptibility is something to commend someone, like a Gemini, for being capable to do.
7. Leo
There’s no sign as active and fascinating as a Leo. Leos are extremely independent, self-assured, and sure of themselves. So it’s significant for anyone who is with a Leo to distinguish that they’re never going to need you. But they’re such an enchanted sign; it’s unbearable to not be drawn to them. Leos make everything more thrilling and appealing, so it’s no wonder that everyone loves them.
8. Aries
Lively, electrifying, and an ideal of passion, an Aries makes their partner the focus of their world. They prioritize their partners. They’re the cheerleader, the partner in crime and the shoulder to lean on. An Aries endeavors to be the go-to for whatsoever the person they’re with might need. Who could say no in loving someone like that?
9. Taurus
There is merely no sign more faithful and unwavering than a Taurus. When a Taurus loves someone, they’re in it for the long haul. They’re totally dedicated and committed to the person who they love. A Taurus leaves nothing up to the imagination, nothing lasting in any sort of grey area. Everything is laid on the table and you always have a clear cut idea of their opinion. That sort of dedication and faithfulness is uncommon and hard to find, so when you do it’s not something you’re motivated to let go.
10. Libra
Libra wants everyone to be gratified and pleased. This goes for pretty much everyone on Earth, but particularly for people they’re in love with. A Libra would bend over backwards just to make sure their partner is in a good place. They’ll do anything to make the person they love happy. They’re so stress-free to love because they show you the type of love that’s conceivable to get from another person, and that’s something to endeavor to match.
11. Pisces
Pisces possibly has the biggest loving and bleeding heart among the zodiacs. They’re all emotional and they have no problem in expressing what they want and need from the persons whom they love. A Pisces lays everything onto the table and they leave nothing unspoken. They’d walk through fire and back for the person who they love, and that sort of love is a bit you’ll only experience once in a lifetime.
12. Cancer
Cancers are the leading nurturers, the biggest caretakers, the most likely to love completely among the zodiacs. They’re so merciful and patient. Cancers are the ones you can always be sure to be there for you, day or night and no matter what. A Cancer flawlessly demonstrates what love is supposed to look like and in turn, how we should all love each other.
source: MeowGag

5 Cosmic Truths You Need To Know About Your ‘Destined’ Partner

There is a belief among many people that each of us has a special someone destined to be our partner.
Even though this might sound like a children’s fairy tale, there might be something to the belief that we might have a destined someone.
Spiritual people speak of this destined partnership as Cosmic Marriage. They say that each soul has another soul destined to be together with.
However, even if there is some truth to this, it does not mean that everybody will find their soul partners.
There are some cosmic rules according to some spiritual teachings, that we must follow and live up to in order to attract them.
he thing is, by trying to become the best versions of ourselves, and by trying to follow these truths, we become such people that the partners we attract can’t be anything else but people who are our best fit.
So even if this is too much of a children’s fantasy, to have a predestined partner, by becoming a person who follows these cosmic guidelines the partner you attract will be your best fit.

5 Cosmic Truths You Need To Know About Your ‘Destined’ Partner

Whether or not a cosmic marriage is true, here are what you need to know:
1. Your soulmate has already been preselected.
Your soulmate and the people in your lifetime are part of great plan The Universe has for you.
You don’t need to wonder if you have a soulmate or worry where to find it, they are already predestined to meet you on this Earth. What you need to do is prepare yourself when they come.
And by being prepared, we mean to be yourself, to shine your own unique light so they can see YOU.
Your preselected soulmate is looking for YOU and they will not recognize you if you pretend to be someone else.

2. Your gut feeling will show you the way.

The best tool to use in finding your soulmate is your gut feeling.
When your soulmate is near you or is about to show up in your life, your gut feeling provides you with signs that could either be subtle or really obvious.
Hence, you should always be aware to notice the signs.
The signs that you might feel are:
– Unexplainable desire to be somewhere;
– Excitement;
– The feeling that you are on the right place;
– The urge to look good for no particular reason or event;
– Positive anxiety;
– A strange feeling that you know someone you haven’t met before;
– A feeling of ease and subtle confidence after making the right decision;
When you fail to follow what your gut feeling is telling you, you tend to settle down with someone who is not intended for you.
These results lead difficulties not as a punishment but as a defensive mechanism to tell you that you need to walk away.

3. You need to feel whole and authentic to yourself.

The cosmic marriage is your prophecy of love. Because it has been predestined, the union would bring bliss, fulfillment, and wholeness.
And this union is tasked to make you do things that the two of you can do only together.
Because both of you need to feel whole and in alignment with yourself, so you can meet, together you become a better version than any of you could have ever been on your own.
You do not complete each other because you are already whole, you add up to each other!

4. Learn the excellent lessons from your failed relationships.

Instead of wondering why the universe brings to your life those dreadful relationships, try to shift your focus on the lessons you learned from those relationships.
These lessons might be significant in preparing you to be emotionally stable once you meet your soulmate.
By gaining a sense of independence, you are raising your vibration. When you raise your vibration, your soulmate is likely to sense it.
Each of those lessons is guiding you toward your predestined partner.

5. Be patient.

Of the 7.5 billion people, only one is destined to bring you true love. If you want to believe in this, than it is reasonable to be patient for the exact same assumption.
Being in a relationship is not something you should rush into. Even if it is not one of a cosmic character, a relationship should be a natural step toward mutual growth.
It should not be something rushed for the sake of not being alone.
If it is a cosmic marriage that you are truly after, wait until your gut feeling startles you.
Do not be carried away by your fancy emotions. Trust the design of the universe and it will bring you to the doorsteps of your soulmate in the perfect time.

– Gostica;
– Peace Quarters

Which Way Would You Choose? Find Out What Your Answer Reveals About You

Way choice you make can greatly influence the future events of your life. Therefore, you should take your time and think over everything thoroughly. Your choices can reveal a lot of interesting facts about your personality. Take this test and learn more about your personality. Are you ready for this one?

If you chose No.1, 
You are a very patient and diligent person. You know to wait, and life rewards you for this quality of yours. Some people consider you a hesitant and slow person, but you never make ill-considered decisions. You always listen to your intuition and never blame others for your failures.
If you chose No.2, 
Your life is never boring as you always know how to find new adventures for yourself. You are a risk-averse. Emotions are the most valuable thing in your life. Sometimes your mistakes give you new adventures and new portions of adrenaline! You are an optimistic and positive person!
If you chose No.3,
You are a brave and decisive person. Sometimes this quality of yours causes problems. However, you keep your head high and cope with any problem you have to face. Each obsticle makes you stronger and wiser. Don’t worry, time will teach you to make better decisions and choices!
Psychological tests help you find out a lot of interesting facts about your character as they are based on your reactions in particular situations. Keep in mind that it is never too late to work on yourself!
source: wikr

What Does Your Chinese Zodiac Sign Say About Your Personality?

Chinese zodiac signs can be used to determine your personality according to your date of birth. Their zodiac system is based off a cycle of 5 elements and 12 animals.

Year of the Rat

(1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1984, 2008, 2020)
Rats are born organizers and they can know well how to use their talents of discretion, discernment, and intuition. They are kind and considerate, they remain quiet in company. They are lovely, charming and good friends. Rats can predict the future, as they are able to feel more approaching than any other Chinese zodiac sign. Surprising and romantic, they can erase all problems with their wisdom.

Year of the Ox

(1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 1009, 2021)
Ox people are often wearing the attribute- ‘strong as an ox’ because they are capable to handle every situation. They love life, and all forms of art will help them express their active energy. Oxen are hard working and strong willed, because of this they will go far in life. They have great insights and are very telepathic, but in the end, they may be lonely, because they never completely trust anyone. They create magic when they love you, but also they become paranoid and suspicious when they stop trusting you.

Year of Tiger

(1914, 1926, 1950, 1962, 1974 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022)
Tiger is sociable, communicative and always ready for fun. They are great lovers and partners. They get fascinated by almost everything in the world and they have a feeling as if there is not enough time to experience everything they want to see. This makes them excellent artists, writers, and journalists.

Year of the Rabbit/Hare

(1915, 1927, 1939, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023)
Rabbits are peaceful and fair and fascinated by the balance and symmetry. They always prefer justice and equality, and they cannot tolerate injustice. Their characteristic is to avoid indulging in all types of conflicts and prefer to keep the peace when it’s possible.

Year of the Dragon

(1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2012, 2024)
Dragon people are very charismatic and it seems like they have unlimited energy in their bodies. They are very talented and intelligent. Dragons are creative, adaptive, and insightful. They can also be strong-willed and spontaneous. They are ambitious and successful. These people have an excellent sense of humor, and they get along with almost everyone at the party. Sometimes they are just impatient and they want their own freedom.

Year of the Snake

(1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025)
Snakes love home-life, family, and domestic settings. They are a traditionalist and enjoy operating on a fundamental level, they love history, and they are fascinated by ordinary things. They are natural born leaders, they just know what they want and usually, they get it.

Year of the Horse

(1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026)
The old saying ‘works like a horse’ is true when it comes to people born in the year of the Horse since they are always eager to put a lot of effort at their work. They are extremely humanitarian and often involved in social programs that assist others. They can be objective in judgments because they never let their emotions get in the way.

Year of the Ram

(1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027)
Mysterious and alluring individuals, most Rams are extremely talented, but even though they are gifted in many ways, they manage to spend most of their lives battling ‘confusing’ conditions. They fantasize about situations, people and particularly romance, and that’s why they spend so much time in their dreams. They see life instead as they want it to see, coloring their view of the world in hues and tones far removed from its true reflection.

Year of the Monkey

(1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028)
Monkeys manage to discreetly stay apart from the crowd, even though they have a well-earned reputation for being socializers. They will let others get close but only as close as they want them since they like their creature comfort and they hate change. They are sensitive and emotional.

Year of the Rooster

(1921, 1933, 1945, 1957,1969,1981,1993, 2017, 2029)
Roosters are very hard working and they are really good in explaining their ideas and opinions. They attract the attention of other people and love to do it. Roosters are very fan and have a lot of friends. Roosters are often successful in their careers thanks to their high standards. They are great lovers and they always tend to have good, long-lasting relationship.

Year of the Dog

(1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030)
They are loyal and good friends. They are born fortunate. With charismatic and positive-thinking they attract an abundance of friends and opportunities. Dogs possess a natural exuberance, sense of adventures and love of life that makes them one of the most optimistic signs of all. They are powerful, independent, confident and brave. They have a strong sense of errantry, being frank and easy to win others trust.

Year of the Pig

(1923, 1935, 1947, 1971, 1983, 1995, 1007, 1019, 2031)
Pigs are sincere, kind, tolerant and intellectually strong. They always show generousness and mercy to endure other people’s mistakes, which helps them gain harmonious interpersonal relationship. Sometimes they are lazy and quiet. They are talent leaders with strong faith and strong devotion to work. They are contemplative before taking actions, not easily affected by the surroundings. Pigs also like to enjoy in physical and material pleasures, but when it comes to family life, they are always there.
source: soulspottv.com

5 Baffling Inconsistencies About The Las Vegas Shooting That Will Make You Think

Is searching for truth in the wake of a tragic mass shooting “insensitive”?

 This is what the mainstream media would have you believe, but when obvious oddities and inconsistencies arise after an event that’s now being used to push multiple political agendas, it’s entirely justified to think critically about the situation.

Stephen Paddock was the sick and evil killer responsible for Sunday night’s Las Vegas shooting that left 58 dead and 530 injured.

 But now, unanswered questions have left the public baffled and searching for truth, and among those mysteries, here are the 5 most perplexing ones we know so far:

1. Stephen Paddock Did Not Behave Like a Stereotypical Mass Murderer:

The baffled testimony of Stephen’s brother, Eric Paddock, sums it up:
Stephen was an accountant who made a good deal of money, living in a retirement community in a home worth half a million dollars.
And here, his brother Eric emphasizes the word “dumbfounded”, describing how Stephen had recently called him to ask how their mom was and if they’d gotten the power back:

“I can show you the text. ‘How is mom? Did you get power?’ That was it...We have nothing for you,” gunman’s brother says
“No history of violence,” added Eric, “No history of anything, couldn’t give a shit less about politics, religions, pointy hatted people etc etc. He just wanted to get a freaking royal flush.”

2. Stephen Seemed Obsessed With Gambling–Even on the Night of the Shooting:

As recently as Sunday night, Stephen was gambling using his girlfriend’s casino card.
In fact, he spent so much time around casinos that he’d actually become involved in a lawsuitagainst the Cosmopolitan Casino in 2011 after falling down and hurting himself.
As reported by The Free Thought Project:
“[On the night of the shooting]…He had simply been gambling. While it is possible that he was simply blending in to maintain his cover and wait for the moment to strike, the fact that he used his girlfriend’s slot machine card seems completely out of the ordinary.”

3. Where’s the Surveillance Footage from Inside Mandalay Bay?

Normally, footage or at least an image is released to the media and publicized of a mass shooter prior to his attack.
And yet, at about 3 days out now since the shooting, not a single shred of photographic or video evidence has been released.
Typically, within 24 hours some kind of images are released—at least footage of him entering the hotel lobby.
But still not much more has been released than photos of his bedroom stashed with weapons—images which are certainly red meat for gun control opportunists.

4. No One Witnessed Stephen Bringing Dozens of Weapon + Ammo Into His Room.

Police have confirmed that there were a total of 23 weapons, most of them rifles, confiscated from Stephen’s room.
The amount of luggage required to disguise that many weapons would surely at least capture the attention of some security guard or hotel employee.
Just take a look at this photo showing the confiscated weapons:
“In excess of 10” suitcases were hauled in by Stephen yet housekeepers “saw no signs of anything” suspicious, according to Nevada Rep. Dina Titus.
Yet there have been no reports of such witnesses. Mandalay Bay is a very high-profile hotel, so security is likely extensive there, even on a normal day.

5. The Mystery Woman Who Warned Concertgoers of Death 45 Minutes Before Shooting

A disturbing eyewitness report has surfaced in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting that’s adding a blood-chilling undertone to the tragedy:
“So there was a lady who pushed her way forward into the first row and she started messing with another lady,” says the eyewitness to an on-scene reporter, “She told us we were all going to die tonight—it was about forty-five minutes before the shots were fired.”
Eyewitness describes Hispanic woman who told people "everyone is going to die tonight"  

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