These 6 Zodiac Pairs Make The Best POWER Couples

Your PERFECT zodiac compatibility.
Power couples are two people who work so well with each other that you could swear they were the same person. Their strengths always play off of each other, their weaknesses seem less intense when they’re with the other person, and everyone can agree that they really are a dynamic duo.
Power couples don’t always have to describe a romantic partnership. You might be a part of a power couple with your best friend, or if you and your sibling are two peas in a pod, the two of you might be your own power couple.

What’s most important about power couples is that they always make waves and they tend to always make people jealous because of their close bond.
The individuals in a power couple make it a “power” couple because they are both independent.
You won’t often see one constantly leaning on the other for support or not be able to function without them. They are able to do their own thing within the partnership, yet come back to each other when they do need support, whatever that might be.
There are defining power couples in the zodiac that exist because these signs are either almost exactly alike or are so different that they somehow work together.
It might be hard to see how they mesh together at first, but if you were in the same room as them, you would definitely be able tell how their dynamic works.

Granted, these power couples have their days when nothing seems to be syncing up for them, just like any partnership, and days when everything seems to fall into place.
The difference between regular couples and power couples is that power couples know that they often have to be their own motivator.
The individuals in power couples are influential and successful on their own; they don’t depend on each other for their successes – but it does help to have your own person to cheer you on when you need it.
Keep reading to find out which are the most compatible signs and your zodiac power couple:
Aries & Taurus
Aries Taurus Zodiac Sign Zodiac Compatibility Power Couple Relationship
Call her impulsive if you want, but Aries is one of the most successful go-getters you will ever meet.
She loves surrounding herself with opportunity and success, and people who share her go-getter attitude.
Signs like Taurus share this “stubborn until you reach your goals” mindset, which makes them the perfect partners.

To many, Taurus seems like a laid back person who doesn’t really care what she does with her life. In reality, when Taurus knows what she wants, she will stop at nothing to get it.
Being someone who is afraid to make the big decisions sometimes, it can be hard for her to take that first step, but having Aries around to boost her confidence is exactly what she needs.
Gemini & Cancer
gemini cancer Zodiac Sign Zodiac Compatibility Power Couple Relationship
Gemini often lets her heart make the decisions for her rather than her brain. Wanting to be a part of every decision she makes, she can sometimes get caught up in the emotion of it all.
Gemini needs Cancer to understand what emotions mean to her, but to also be there to help her keep a level head in these types of situations.

Cancer is also a very emotional person, making it easy to understand what Gemini is going through, but she also knows when to be biased and when to stay neutral.
That said, her seriousness can often make her seem uptight, which simply isn’t Cancer.
Having a Gemini in her life teaches her to be willing to let loose and trust that her emotions are important instead of trying to hide them altogether.

Leo & Scorpio
leo scorpio Zodiac Sign Zodiac Compatibility Power Couple Relationship
Leo lives large because she wants to enjoy every second of life. Whether that means arguing, making love, being happy, everything is done with passion or not at all.
She can be a strong personality to be around, but having the right partner to match her enthusiasm and passion for life only makes Leo that much better.

Scorpio is the definition of passion, which makes her the perfect counterpart to Leo.
She understands that you sometimes need to express everything at once, which means there is never any judgment between these two signs.
That said, having a couple with two wild cards can make for some drama, but there is never a day that these two don’t have fun together.

Virgo & Libra
virgo libra Zodiac Sign Zodiac Compatibility Power Couple Relationship
Virgo is always willing to make sacrifices for the ones she loves, which makes her one of the most selfless people you will ever meet.
She does this willingly, but if you ever try to take advantage of her, you will lose her trust for good.
While Virgo wants an equal in a partner, she also wants someone who sees the world differently.

Libra is perfect for Virgo because while she is also incredibly selfless, she does it for an entirely different reason.
Virgo’s selflessness comes from wanting to be her best self (as she always tries to better herself), while Libra’s selflessness comes from wanting to see the best in everyone else (to ensure that the world is full of good people like herself).
Being together only means that this kindheartedness is multiplied tenfold.

Sagittarius & Capricorn
sagittarius capricorn Zodiac Sign Zodiac Compatibility Power Couple Relationship
Sagittarius is constantly opening herself up to new things; excitement, opportunity, and people. She always wants to learn more and more, which makes her a very inquisitive, interested person.
She loves having her freedom, but she also likes knowing that there is someone around who will ground her if need be.
Capricorn might be the complete opposite to Sagittarius, but somehow, they work perfectly.

Capricorn loves knowledge and constantly wants to prove that she can learn even more than she already knows.
That said, she can often get stuck in her fantasy of the excitement of life that she often realizes that it’s right in front of her.
Having Sagittarius in her life means that she gets to come out of her shell a little bit more and see the world from a different perspective; all the while still learning new things together.

Aquarius & Pisces
aquarius pisces Zodiac Sign Zodiac Compatibility Power Couple Relationship
Aquarius finds that being open-minded doesn’t just mean that she is welcoming to everything and everyone, but also that she is able to learn more about herself in the process.
Being such a progressive individual means that she is sometimes miles ahead of everyone else in her life.
It can make it hard to relate to others, which is why Pisces is a godsend for her.

Pisces often has her head in the clouds, which makes her seem like she isn’t all there. In reality, though, it means that she understands things beyond the physical world.
Pisces and Aquarius often have deep conversations that not everyone else can understand because they vibe on a different level than others.
Being partners with each other means having someone in their lives who just get them, no matter what.


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