Ring Position Sends A Certain Message To People And Influences Your Behavior. Learn What It Tells About You

People are wearing rings for various reasons. It may be a way to demonstrate their jewelry or marriage status, or maybe it’s something that makes them feel better. Whatever your logic for wearing it is, it’s how you wear it that defines you. Although you may choose a certain finger for no apparent reason, it will actually have a hidden meaning. Learn what people can deduce about your personality by looking at your hands.

If you think this is nonsense because you are not wearing any rings and so it doesn’t relate to you then that’s what we’ll cover first. Whatever your own reason for not wearing rings is, people will see you as a freedom-loving person. You don’t like being categorized and prefer to use things that have some practical usefulness. Chances are, you are also very confident and don’t feel like you have to prove anything to anyone.

Now, let’s get to those who don’t mind wearing rings. First of all, let’s find out which of your hands is active and which one is passive. In other words, are you left handed or right handed? The hand you use the most is your active hand. Knowing this is important because it can help to make a correct conclusion about the person.


Active hand: you prefer to see yourself as a leader and want to show everyone you will not dance to someone’s tune.

Passive hand: you are very na├»ve and don’t mind following others. However, if you would like to boost your confidence, start wearing a ring on your active hand.

Index finger
Active hand: it shows that you are strong-willed and you know your own worth.
Passive hand: you don’t like risk and prefer playing it safe.

Middle finger
Active hand: you are not a carefree waster but a responsible person. You can’t stand missed opportunities and try to make the best of any situation.

Passive hand: you would like to be perceived as a responsible person but fail to prove it and constantly give in to your weaknesses. Switching the hand will help you overcome whatever is keeping you from self-fulfillment.

Ring finger
Active hand: this signals people that you are a creative person. You are willing to share your experience in them and wish everybody would become better.

Passive hand: most people wear it as a sign of being married. It also shows readiness to face challenges and overcome them for the sake of others.

Active hand: you easily find a common language with other people and try to learn as much as possible about everything and everyone.
Passive hand: you enjoy communicating with people but prefer to listen rather than talk yourself.

Multiple rings
Usually, this simply means that you are a complex person and there is more than one strong quality that can be identified within you. However, make sure that you are not sending mixed signals. Choose the right fingers for your rings so that they will complement each other.

All fingers
It doesn’t matter which hand it is when you are wearing five rings at once. And there’s no need for a psychologist to tell what that means: you are either very confident and want to draw everyone’s attention or struggle with being taken seriously because of your inability to have a well-ordered life. Make sure it’s not the latter; otherwise rings won’t help you with that. There are other ways to prove people how serious you are, so just start with your actions.

Well, now you know what people see when you are showing them your hands. Whichever your case is, make sure you feel comfortable about it and know there are no issues you should fix in your personality. After all, this isn’t exact science and there are always exceptions.

source: fabbiosa.com